About Dr K R Vasudevan

Dr. K R Vasudevan has been associated with more than 1500 complicated surgeries including liver transplantation and surgery for cancer of liver, bile duct, pancreas & abdominal organs.

Dr K R Vasudevan is currently the Director of Liver Transplant Department at JP Hospital Noida.

Apart from Jaypee Hospital, he is available for OPDs at Aarogya Hospital (Delhi), Pratha Hospital (Kanpur) and Gorakhpur

A visionary leader who has established live donor liver transplant units from ground up both in India and abroad. His experience brings valuable perspective to boards, focus, goals and strategies to establish centres of excellence.

He has trained young surgeons who have gone on to establish transplant programmes at their facilities.

His areas of interest are laparoscopic surgery including liver donation, transplant surgery for adults and children, management of acute liver failure and improving cadavericorgan donation.

He has vast experience in open and laparoscopic surgery on liver, gallbladder and bile duct, pancreas for malignant and benign conditions and gastrointestinal surgery.


Dr K R Vasudevan was a part of the initial team of surgeons responsible for initiating live donor liver transplants in India between 2004-07.

He is regarded as a honest clinician, skilled surgeon and a trustworthy doctor in Delhi.

Combining his experience with application of innovative ideas to solve patients problems has translated into his team being a forerunner in a few firsts or early adaptors, for example in ABO incompatible transplantation and using hepatitis B positive person for donation.

He trains young surgeons in art of liver surgery and liver transplantation, and a surgeon trained by him now leads the largest transplant program in Pakistan.

‘The Transplant Society’ named him a key opinion leader in 2011

International Liver Transplant Society has recognized his research papers with young investigator award (2007) and travel grant (2011) to present his work.

He was Profiled by ‘India Today’ magazine as a young doctor making a difference to the medical landscape in 2016.

Awards & Scholarship

Recognised as key opinion leader by The Transplant Society in 2011.

Travel grant by International Liver Transplant Society for abstract at the 18th Annual International Conference, 2012

“Young Investigator Award” by International Liver Transplant Society for abstract at the 13th Annual International Conference, 2007.


  • MBBS 1998 Goa Medical College, Goa, India
  • MS General Surgery 2002 Goa Medical College, Goa, India
  • DNB Surgical Gastroenterology 2008 National Board of Examinations(Sir Ganga Ram Hospital), New Delhi.


  • Association of Surgeons of India
  • Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology
  • Indian chapter, International Hepato Pancreatico Biliary Association
  • Founder Member, Liver Transplant Society of India
  • International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS).

Our Services

1. Liver Consultancy / Medical treatment

Consultation for problems related to liver, pancreas, bile ducts and gallbladder. Intent is to cure or control problem medically. When surgery is the only or best option, intention is to optimise health and advice on the best time for surgery, when the risk is lowest.

 2. Acute Liver Failure

New onset liver failure which progresses in a short span of time (6 months) and threatens survival. Treatment for ALF has evolved over the last few decades and grater number of patients recover with medical care. Aim is to support the liver recovery and when it is clear that recovery is not possible then optimise timing of liver transplantation.

3. Counselling & Dietary services

Every disease and its treatment raise lots of questions regarding do’s and dont’s. A dedicated counsillor will address your concerns.

4.  Radiologic treatment

Ultrasound or CT guided procedures may be required for diagnosis or treatment in liver, pancreas or bile duct disorders. Experienced team of interventional radiologists will address concerns and perform the required procedures like TIPS, RFA, transjuglar liver biopsy etc

  1. Liver Transplantation

    Aim is to treat acute and chronic liver failure by replacing with a healthy organ. Can be performed in both children and adults for benign as well as malignant conditions.

  2. HPB Surgery (on Liver, Pancreas, bile ducts)

    Intention is to cure surgical problems by laparoscopic, robotic or open surgery using state of the art technology. Benign and malignant conditions of liver, pancreas, bile ducts and gallbladder are addressed.

  3. GI surgery

    Aim is to cure surgical problems of digestive organs, benign and malignant. Surgery is performed using state of the art techniques – robot, laparoscopy or open depending on feasibility and patient preference.