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Successful liver transplant performed on Iraqi baby during peak time of COVID pandemic.

Master Adam from Iraq came to Jaypee Hospital, Noida, during peak time of COVID pandemic. He was less than a year and underweight. He had jaundice in neonatal stage which ultimately resulted in liver failure & came to hospital for liver transplant with several other complications. But Dr. K. R. Vasudevan, Dr. Punit Singla and the liver transplant team in Jaypee Hospital took the challenge to perform the transplant. The baby had undergone through liver transplant with his mother being the donor. Both child and the mother are doing well now.

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Being in a hospital is a terrible experience, but you made me feel like home. Your caring and extra effort to make your patient comfortable is truly remarkable. Thank you Doc!

I will be happy to recommend you Doctor Vasudevan to others. You have been such a great doctor throughout these years. I wish others can experience your care and expertise as a doctor.

“Thank you, Ajay. Thanks for the encouragement and support. Thank you for believing in me enough to join me in this crazy new way to do health care and giving me the honor of being the one you call “my doctor.”

Your trust motivates me to work harder to justify that faith in me – a faith I often don’t have and, one I certainly wouldn’t have without you. I hope and pray this holiday season is a blessing to you. May you find peace in this time of year so often without peace”

-Dr. Vasu

“A real human before being a professional surgeon. He was the man who made me love the Indian people. Thank you Doctor Vasudevan”

-Ali Radhi

“Karthik who was treated by Dr. Vasudev, now Karthik is absolutely fine, I want in future, if anyone has any problem, then go to the doctor, get him treated and it has become good.”

-Jangjeet Siwach

“I would surely recommend anyone who is going through any Liver and hernia issues to Dr Vasudevan and his fantastic team who made me feel at home and among friends.”

-Ashish Poddar

“Dr. K R Vasudevan is an excellent and a compassionate gastrointestinal surgeon. He is very attentive and makes sure to explain everything to his patient. The whole staff is helpful and friendly. Thank you. You are phenomenal!”

-Sadhvi Sabharwal